Next3D's patent-pending NextStream360™ technology enables live and on-demand content production and delivery of 360º 3D audio-visual content to virtual reality displays via internet, satellite, or mobile networks.

Get immersed in "actual reality" and feel as if you've been transported to the best seat in the house at your favorite sport, stage-side at your favorite concert, or somewhere totally new. Next3D® takes you there - all inside your virtual reality display.


Transmitted Reality


Next3D is a pioneer and leader in stereoscopic video compression and transmission solutions, and is the first-mover in wide-field-of-view, high-resolution, stereoscopic content for virtual reality displays. Next3D's patents include stereo-orthogonal reproduction for the most life-like viewing experience possible, and adaptive panoramic compression that allows 360º 3D content to be streamed at current home and mobile internet connection speeds while maintaining pristine quality.

Next3D was founded in 2009 by veterans in film, stereoscopic imaging technology, location-based entertainment, and software development, to meet an increasing demand for stereoscopic compression solutions. The company's technology has been proven in the most demanding live 3D broadcast applications. In early 2012, Next3D focused research and development on comprehensive virtual reality applications.


Action From The Front Row



To Another Place

Executive Bios

David Cole - CEO and Co-Founder

David brings 27 years of experience in digital imaging, stereoscopic 3D research & development, business development, and business execution to Next3D. David has co-authored 14 patents in virtual realty and stereoscopic technology, and three patents in adaptive computer learning technology. He has built award-winning software and hardware products for the health care, education, and entertainment markets. David also created and produced the Mindset electroencephalographic brain mapping system, the Echophone hearing assistance device, Cyberfin virtual reality ride system, Indigo online adaptive learning system, and Cybershades 3D shutter glasses.

David (DJ) Roller - Chief Content Officer and Co-Founder

DJ is an award winning Producer, Director, DP, and Cinematographer for 3D & 2D IMAX films, feature and digital cinema films, television shows, documentaries, commercials, and special effects. As founder of production company Liquid Pictures 3D, he has been both producer and director of photography on movies and TV shows for National Geographic, NOVA/PBS, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Discovery Channel, and History Channel among others. He has won the Cine Golden Eagle Award, been nominated for two Emmy Awards, and received the KODAK vision award for imagination and leadership in filmmaking.

Alan Moss - Executive VP of Software Engineering

Alan is a master of computationally complex programming and is the co-inventor of Compound Entropy stereoscopic compression technology and NextStream360 immersive video technology. With nine co-authored patents specific to stereoscopic video encoding methods to his credit, he is the development lead for all of Next3D's core technology. Alan has developed stereoscopic video playback applications for XBOX, Mac OSX and PC, featuring a first-of-it's-kind stereoscopic user Interface.

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